IL-4 assay

Birgit Sehested & Jens Rainer Hansen jrhbsh at post4.tele.dk
Thu Nov 21 14:53:26 EST 1996

Hi - I would like to set up an IL-4 assay to meassure potential inhibiting effect of 
compounds, using human PBMC. I have used PHA as stimulator (80-40-20-10 mcg/ml) for 48 
hours and a cell conc. of 1e6 cells/ml incubated at 37 degrees C. Apprx. 300 pg/ml was 
determined using a IL-4 ELISA. I know that only a small amount of the cells are 
producing IL-4 and that the level of produced IL-4 corresponds to "the litterature", 
when PHA or CD2/CD28 were used as stimulator. Do you have experience in this field or 
have some ideas to get more IL-4 produced. I have also testet other incubation times.
I would be happy to recieve some ideas.

I am a relatively new user of the internet, do you know if there are newgroups or other
places where immunoassay (cytokines) or screening assay's are discussed ? Or is it 
possible to start a new group concerning these specific research areas ?

Jens Rainer Hansen

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