?Coating efficiency of an ELISA plate?

Zafer Altin zafer at abconcepts.com
Fri Nov 22 17:12:02 EST 1996

Biotinylation efficiency, in like any other labeling method will depend
on the availability of reactive groups. Since he is looking into a set
of largely similar proteins, one may expect that he will get similar
efficiencies. Biotin/Protein molar ratios will be a good indication
about the state of biotinylated collagens. I will be content with 
27 vs 30 b/p but would be concerned (2 vs 25 b/p) before proceeding with
the comparative study.  We have utilized above procedure for peptide
binding efficiencies and worked well.
I agree that a more precise determination of antigen binding efficiency
will require use of radioactive tracer but gentleman does not wish to do

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