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	Tantric Session 2+2 is based on the ancient Indian 
Tantric teachings of sexual yoga. Unlike in any other type of 
bodywork here the concern is toward the human bone structures
 which harbor the all important bone marrow, a source of blood 
and immune cells. Stimulation of the bones reflects very positively 
on the status of blood and lymphs. Trantric Session 2+2 therefore
 helps to open alternative mechanisms within the immune system
 which are not affected by HIV. This general stimulation of the immune 
system helps widely to prevent disease. 
	Since Tantra is a sexual yoga, the healing work centers around 
the reproductive organs. On men gentle external work on the prostate 
activates this gland important for sexual health. We will do special 
exercises with men which help control the muscles in this part of the
 body and thereby intensifying the flow of blood to the penis. This makes
 for harder and longer lasting erections. We will explain how a special 
self massage without hands work, in which only the muscles in the
rectum are used. It is important to take sexual health seriously now 
before it is too late. According to the latest data 78% of males over 45 
suffer from prostatis, an inflamation of the prostate and 64% tend toward 
impotence. For women we will explain how to control the muscles 
inside the vagina, allowing for heightened sexual pleasure during 
intercourse, and how to relax the muscles of the womb which 
completely relieves menstrual cramps. We can introduce women
 to an effective selfmassage of the overies to induce better fertitility 
and precent other typical female problems. 
	Tantric Session 2+2 is highly pleasurable and at the same time
 purifies the blood and immune systems and thereby the entire body. It 
contributes decisively to the healing of disorders such as: prostate
 problems, impotence, sterility, frigidity, PMS, Ìgynecological problems,
ation of the healing effects of TANTRA SESSION 2+2 took place at Key 
in Florida on November 27th and 29th 1995 when Steven Sheror, a man in
 the final stages of AIDS (with normal level of 500 T-cells, his was only 
participated in two sessions. Blood tests were made before (22 November) 
and after the sessions (30 November). The test revealed that his ALC 
lymphocyte count) rose from 2.3L to an amazing 6.5L ! An almost threefold 
increase. At this writing (10.15.96) Mr. Sheror is alive and keeping up 
his health.
 His blood tests show steady improvements.
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