Magnetic Beads and Inoculation

Richard Sjolund r-sjolund at uiowa.edu
Sun Nov 24 14:29:53 EST 1996

I am interested in separating some cells (phloem sieve elements from plant
tissue cultures) from a mixture of cells using a monoclonal (mouse)
antibody that we developed and magnetic bead separation techniques.

After we enrich or purify the phloem cells, I would like to inject them
into BALB/c mice to raise additional antibodies and to prepare hybridomas.

Has anyone had experience with raising antibodies against cells or cell
parts that have magnetic beads stuck to them???  What if they also have a
Goat-Anti mouse antibody on the beads?  

Has anyone been able to strip off the beads and/or the antibodies from the
cells before injection?  If so, how??

Thanks in advance for any help.

Dick Sjolund
Dept. of Biological Sciences
Univ. of Iowa
Iowa City, Iowa  52242 USA

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