pH Measurement of Small Biological Samples

Steven Lemore service at lazarlab.com
Tue Nov 26 14:33:35 EST 1996

The need frequently arrises in biological laboratories to measure pH in 
small sample vessels such as 96 well plates, microcentrifuge tubes, or 
NMR tubes.  Standard pH electrodes are too large to fit into these small 
containers. Miniature glass electrodes are both breakable and have a high 
electrical resistance which makes the pH measurements unstable. A micro 
combination pH electrode has been developed which has a 1 mm tip and a 2 
mm diameter flexible Teflon body which can measure pH in less less than 
20 microliters of sample. This probe has a solid state sensor which gives 
drift free pH measurements. The probe can be used with a standard pH 
meter. Further information can be obtained via email at 
service at lazarlab.com

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