ascites mystery

Weilie Ma weichao at pantheon.yale.edu
Wed Nov 27 16:32:35 EST 1996

Hi, we got some mouse monoclonal ab ascites, which we are using for cell
depletion. I did 1:100, 1:1000, 1:10,000 dilution, and got the same
staining pattern, which should mean that 1:10,000 is saturating. But when
I use this ab for depletion, even 1:100 couldn't deplete all positive
cells. I wonder if it's because my ab ascites are low at IgG level.
I would appreciate if anyone can give me some idea why this happens and
what I should do to purify the ab. I tried mouse Trap column from
Pharmacia, so far I haven't make it work for me.

graduate student
Yale Univ.

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