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Tim Fitzmaurice tjf11 at cus.cam.ac.uk
Wed Nov 27 11:48:48 EST 1996

On Wed, 20 Nov 1996, Caro Field wrote:
> In article <328FE7D4.7B32 at nol.net>, gquest at nol.net wrote:
> Sorry to be a cynic (well, actually, I'm not, really), but this whole
> message sounded like a lot of rubbish to me.
> If you want us to take your claims seriously, how about furnishing some
> genuine references to research, rather than vague allusions to studies
> that may or may not have been done  by people who may or may not have
> known what they were talking about?
> And what is this so-called "Stealth Microbe" anyway? Surely if it has been
> identified as you claim, there must be some taxonomical work done on it
> somewhere.
Actually from the sounds of it I assume that the microbe in question is 
the CMV-like virus that Dr WJ Martin has cultured up. Why its harped on
as a 'stealth virus' as if its something incredible I don't know. If you
run stealth+virus thorugh a MEDLINE you should get just under 10
references on its isolation and culture.

Anyway as to the cancer link the paper I presume it means this paper...

'Herpesvirus-related sequences in salivary gland tumors'
Gollard RP et al.
Journal of Experimental and Clinical Cancer Research 1996

They used a pan-herpes probe to examine for sequences, and end up
concluding 'Results are most consistent with the presence of
cytomegalovirus-related 'stealth viruses' in the salivary tumours.'
at the end of the abstract, though there is little there to explain how
they eliminated all the other herpesviruses esp HHV6 and 7 and EBV.

I believe the main thrust of the 'stealth virus' is towards its
involvement in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients.


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