Ciprofloxacin treatment

Thu Nov 28 15:10:21 EST 1996

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Kiley R. Prilliman wrote: 

Could anyone give me any information regarding cleaning up
mycoplasma-contaminated cell cultures using ciprofloxacin?  My cultures
are of B lymphoblastoid cell lines, and I'm intending to use 10 g/mL
ciprofloxacin as treatment...does anyone know how effective this
protocol is, and how well my cells might survive such treatment?

Your assistance in this matter is sincerely appreciated!

Kiley R. Prilliman
Dept. of Microbiology & Immunology

The answer is the following: usual concentration for treatment is 10 
ug/ml and the original report about ciprofloxacin treatment is in 
Journal of Immunological Methods, 109, 17:25, 1988, Schmitt et al.
We have used this antimycoplasma antibiotic for our hybridomas 
strains and is very useful.
My address is: alicia at

Alicia Fernandez Ordonez
Division de Desarrollo
Centro de Inmunologia Molecular
La Habana
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