Tinidazole (Tiniba) info sought (anti-amoebal)

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Wed Nov 27 21:05:55 EST 1996


I am searching for information on
Tinadazole (also known as Tiniba),
which is an anti-amoebal drug (I need it to
fight a 3yr blastocystis hominis infection).

I am *espcially* keen to know where
and/or how I can obtain it as neither
of my doctors has even heard of it.
I need to inform myself about the dosage
and availability and then present this
information to them.  If I need to obtain
it out of the country and you know how/where
I can do this, please let me know....

Any pointers, articles or personal
experiences that you could share with
me about this drug would be greatly

I am posting in various newsgroups because
I haven't managed to find it in the 
Physicians Desk Reference and only found
3 articles, with few clues, via the huge
Medline Database.  Since none of my doctors
has heard of it and it isn't in the PDR, I am
wondering if perhaps it's not yet FDA approved.
Hence my hope to get it in Europe or elsewhere.
I know a lady who got it in India, but I don't
have any contacts there and I do have some in

I would greatly appreciate any and all information.
When you post, could you also email me directly as
I want your input as soon as possible and besides
our news-server is rather flaky and/or often down.

				thanks Adam
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