Cindy Brunner brunncj at
Wed Oct 2 10:28:37 EST 1996

In article <60FD8FF69AA at> cweir at RNA.BIO.MQ.EDU.AU ("Chris Weir") writes:
>can anyone recommend alternative adjuvents to Freunds for injection 
>into Balb C mice for monoclonal production.  We are trying to produce 
>an IgG mAb to a protozoan parasite antigen.  So far we have only been 
>able to get IgM mAbs.

Try using Freund's incomplete adjuvant, and HYPERIMMUNIZE the mice.  Multiple 
encounters (or one prolonged encounter) with an antigen should result 
in more cells undergoing isotype switch to IgG.  Incomplete Freund's adjuvant 
does not produce the inflammatory lesions that can occur from using the 
complete version; plus, some immunologists think incomplete Freund's 
will stimulate "TH-2" helper T cells, thus leading to a stronger
humoral immune response.

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