interferon gamma

Johan Van Weyenbergh Johan.Van-Weyenbergh at
Thu Oct 3 11:03:17 EST 1996

There is no such thing as"the" conversion factor for IFN-gamma, nor for any
other cytokine. Specific activity (sp act) in U/mg protein should be defined
for each separate batch using a reliable biological test. We routinely test
bioactivity of interferons on WISH cells using VSV virus as a challenge. The
obtained sp act can differ from 10x6 up to 10x9 U/mg protein.=20
Also bear in mind that sp act decreases with time even at -80=B0C,=
for IFN-gamma, which looses its bioactivity upon oxidation. So even when
using 10 ng/ml, you might have just a few units of bioactivity...

Hope this helps,


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