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>Are there any natural sources of estrogen?
>If so where can you get it?
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The whole idea of natural vs. synthetic is a misleading argument! The
definition of natural can lead to many estrogenic substances used for
humans which do not match the human biochemistry quite the way in which
our bodies can fully utilize estrogens. Premarin is a good example. It
is a natural substance made from horse urine that DOES NOT supply the
human body with biochemical hormonal matches for cell receptor sites in
the brain and organs of humans. Estrace is a chemically derived 
estradial estrogen which clearly matches the human estrogen
But estrogen is only a very small part of the human hormone cascade.
Your body ages from the brain down, from the pineal control center down
to end organs. To offset aging and degeneration of your hormonal system
by replacement therapy, you therefore have to replace hormones from the
brain down. Primary points of intervention and their hormones and other
chemicals that we know most about are the pineal gland, hypothalamus,
pituitary, adrenals, testes, ovaries. Replacement chemicals for the
pineal gland - melatonin, for the hypothalamus - selegiline &
acetyl-l-carnitine, pituitary - growth hormone, adrenals - DHEA, testes
- testosterone, ovaries - estrogens & progesterone. Never replace
anything at any point on the hormone cascade, unless you ensure that
controlling hormones and other chemicals further upstream have also
been restored.
Any therapy must closely match the human hormonal cycle and that
includes estrogen of which the human body produces many different
kinds. The estrogen components we know the most about are estradiol,
estrone and estriol. You can obtain these in the Tri-Est formula
developd by Dr. Jonathan Wright of Kent, Washington. You can obtain
this formula by prescription from compounding pharmacies, such as "The
Women's International Pharmacy in Madison, Wisconsin, 1-800-279-5708.
It also includes progesterone. There are many documented benefits of
natural progesterone vs. the synthetic progestins or progestogens,
man-made mimics of progesterone, which becomes dominant during the
second half of the female hormone cycle. Progestins have a list of side
effects in the PDR including breast cancer, birth defects, strokes,
> I have found the Colgan Institute, 523 Encinitas Blvd. #204,
Encinitas, CA 92024 can provide extensive help in all areas of hormonal
health. Call them at (619)632-7722 or fax (619)632-7375 for a great
book by Dr Michael Colgan or referring physicians. 

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