Treatment of CTL clones with IFN-g

Dave Peritt peritt at
Wed Oct 9 07:54:52 EST 1996

In article <199610090123.VAA25256 at> Aki  Hoji,
akhst7+ at PITT.EDU writes:
>Hi all,
>I am just about to give a shot of IFN-g to CTL clones (human) that have 
>lost effector activities (but still growing in the culture).  Now, what
>am not certain is amount and duration of IFN-g treatment to get 
>beneficial effect (as opposed to negative effects such as apoptosis !!).
>I'd appreciate any comments and/or suggestions.  Thanks in advance
>Aki Hoji (akhst7+ at
>University of Pittsburgh

what beneficial effect are you expecting???? If anything IFNg will
inhibit growth.  If your clones are in the presence of an irradiated
feeder layer than the IFNg effect will be to activate macrophages to
release numerous factors including IL12 which may have a postive effect
on  your clones.

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