conA binding to antibodies

Iain Wilson wilson at
Wed Oct 9 11:57:24 EST 1996

Dr. Mark A. Chambers wrote:
> Does anyone know if ConA will binds antibodies? If so is there a
> reference or what are the details. I specifically DON'T want it to!
> Please email me directly. Any answers will be greatly appreciated.
> Mark Chambers (mchambers.vla at

I don't know if it does - some lectins (e.g. Bandeiraea) will supposedly
bind intact IgG - but since the glycans of IgG are hidden, then perhaps
ConA will not bind IgG - ConA will bind to the released IgG glycans (I
know that much having done it). Try native gel electrophoresis followed
by Western blot with ConA to detect???? Or try a sort of ELISA????
Normally one does add (as other posters have noted) divalent cations
(Mn, Mg, Ca) when using ConA.


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