Help needed to find web site(s)

Pat Silveira psilveir at NMSU.EDU
Thu Oct 10 15:42:12 EST 1996

Somebody, please help.  I need web site(s) to retrieve basic 
information about human neutrophils - specifically regarding (the 
possible existence of): membrane lipid composition, histones, transport 
proteins, exocytosis, calcium regulation and G-protein mediated 
signalling pathways.
	This is a class assignment, due soon; I've been surfing the web 
for a few days now and can't find the appropriate web site(s).  I am sure 
that this information is on the Web - somewhere - so I ask only for 
directions (or even some knowledgeable hints/advice) for where/how to 
find them.
	Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Reply directly to:

Pat Silveira
psilveir at

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