interferon gamma

Janet Spicer gbzv71 at
Thu Oct 10 14:08:01 EST 1996

In article <52uijj$f5v at>, rodjohnlee at (RodJohnLee) says:
>Does anybody know the conversion factor for IFNg from IU to pg/ml?

I don't think there is one as such. As I understand it the units were brought 
in because of difficulties standardising mass measurements from
different manufacturers. So the upshot is the conversion factor could be
different for different batches of IFNg. The assay you use may also
complicate the issue. I correlate my standards with the international one
by buying a vial of the international standard, from NIBSC (get it from 
NIH in the States), and run a couple of curves along side one another.

Janet Spicer

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