Hepatitis autoimmunologica, need help and informations.

AFi a.fiszer at club.innet.be
Sun Oct 13 12:33:32 EST 1996

My siter has autoimmune hepatitis (Hepatitis autoimmunologica typus II
susp.) diagnosed about three years ago. She is under medical therapy with
Encorton and Ranigast but the results are not very convincing and the
medicine has strong side effects. I'm looking for contacts with
professionals having experiences with autoimmunological diseases to consult
her therapy. I would like to contact other patients having same symptoms to
compare them and exchange experiences .
Please contact me by e-mail: a.fiszer at club.innet.be  . 

(Languages: English, Deutsch, NL or PL)

Alek Fiszer

PS: for professionals:
Hepatitis autoimmunologica (typys II) suspecta. Arthritis reactiva.
Choletithiasis. Angiosclerosis retinae oculi utriusue. Eczema. Colophathia
spastica. I would know your opinion. If you need more information (tests
results), pleas contact me.
Thanks for your help and advice.

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