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According to Dr. Braverman at Yale University and other top-of-the-line
dermatologists, lanolin aggravates eczema.  The sad reality is that all
kinds of creams containing lanolin are recommended to people with eczema
by many average dermatologists, physicians and pharmacists.  Eucerin,
Keri, Lubriderm, Nivea, Suave, Jergens, Swiss Formula, and Dermasil all
have products with lanolin.  Many other creams, lotions, soaps and
CORTISONES have lanolin in them and are incorrectly and routinely being
recommended to people with eczema.  Avoiding lanolin will stop
aggravating the eczema; but, to get rid of the cycle of inflammation,
evaporation works best.  True.  Water evaporates out of a sheet quickly.
Dampen a sheet, squeeze out excess water, and then lay the sheet over
the inflammation for 30 minutes (rewet the sheet every 10 minutes). 
My instructions from Yale were to then airdry, use a hydrocortisone, and
then put a moisturizer on.  Follow that routine three times a day.  I
looked like I had a swollen sunburn with hives and poison ivy.  It was
unbearable.  Relief was immediate.  Within 24 hours the inflammation was
reduced by 75%; within 48 hours I recovered.  Food usually doesn't
aggravate eczema; allergy shots make it WORSE.  A couple of other hints:
Keep your babies off rugs and carpets with wool.  Also, hot showers and
baths cause it to itch.  I tried antibiotics, anti inflammatories,
antifungals, antiparasitics, antihistamines, anti-you-name-its,
cortisones and primrose and nothing worked!  Picture taking twenty
benedryl daily and still ITCHING LIKE CRAZY.  It figures that the cure
was so simple.  Remember:  damp sheets and no lanolin.  I have received
e-mails from people who have successfully controlled their eczema
by following these two basic steps.  It's easy and effective.  Best
wishes.  This information can be viewed at

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