Dreaming Is Free

Thomas S. Radtke zaltru at io.com
Fri Oct 18 22:35:54 EST 1996


I don't want to live on charity.  I have worked all my life, the last
seven years as controller for my mother's commercial construction
company.  A year ago I discovered I have AIDS.  As I maintain a
positive outlook on life, we have closed the construction company.
Mother and I are unemployed.

I have great skills with computers, accounting, real estate, and
construction.  I also hold a degree in Multi-track Recording from the
Institute of Audio Research in Manhattan.  Yet it seems I am rapidly
becoming adjectively unemployable and the only service or aid ASA gave
me was the advice to drop my health insurance so I could qualify for
the cattle drive at David Powell Clinic.  My annual deductible is
$5,000, then 50% copay for the next $2,500.  Because my HIV condition
is now considered pre-existing, I am uninsurable when trying to move
to a different insurance company.

I am not ready to give up or die.  Instead I am petitioning for your
assistance to a fully accountable cause.  My books are open and every
nickel I receive and spend will be accounted for.

My goal is to raise enough money to pay my doctor bill, $558 for the
post-diagnosis lab work alone, then move to NYC where I at least have
a chance of supporting myself through my school's lifetime job
placement program.

Please donate where you know you are needed locally and you can
receive written proof of where the money is going.  The address is

Tom Radtke
412 West Alpine Road #25
Austin, TX  78704-7066

And if you need any help with computers, accounting, music, or expert
advice making that next audio or video purchase, call me at home,
(512)441-4421.  It would be an honor to help you.

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