HELP: Urticaria/Alopecia Areata during pregnancy

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Sat Oct 19 08:16:08 EST 1996

When my wife was three months pregnant she started suffering from
"urticaria" (all over her body). Within a week her hair (head) started
to fall out. She was completely bald in two weeks time (Alopecia
Areata). The urticaria disappeared in one month. 
Within the next two months (after her first hairloss) she  lost all
off her hair (on all other bodyparts)

Because of her pregnancy she couldn't use any medicin, so she's
getting lasertherapy. That seems to help a little. Sometimes it looks
that her hair is starting to grow (1 mm). Sometimes it stays there for
a long time (couple of weeks). sometimes it's gone the next day.
She is also using Chinese herbs and she will starting to use Silica

We have contacted several MD's, but they all tell different stories.
Maybe, a usenet posting will give us some more information (and help).

We have a few questions:

1. Does anyone now or Urticaria and Alopecia Areata are related?
2. Does anyone knows about other cases like this (and what happened)?
3. Does her pregnancy plays a role in it?
4. Are there any known positive results about lasertherapy and/or
Silica powder?

Any other tips and helpfull comments are more than welcome. We hope
someone can give us some more answers.

Please, send your reply to efdsa at

Thanks for all your help.

Ed Ferrageau

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