Free WEB service to Research Authors

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Sun Oct 20 20:37:03 EST 1996

"Jim Smith" <smithjw at> wrote:

>Dawn Capp <dmc2115 at> wrote in article
><325A63CE.8C8 at>...
>> Capp Scientific offers a free WEB service to research authors who have
>> difficulty getting their work published in scientific journals.

Methinks the following type of absolutism in the name of truth and
science possibly has squelched more inquiry and truth than it has ever
protected people from its effects.  I have read of scores of persons
(even GREAT scientists) whose ideas have been scorned at times or
otherwise criticized by their "peers", (e.g. Einstein).  Peer SHARING
& review is useful for helpful critique, encouragement and

Let's lighten up and open up and forget the hierarchical "holier than
thou" absolutism and misguided authoritarianism which generally
discourages and squelches the SEARCH for truth.  
joyce at

>I find it insulting that Dawn Capp would offer to publish articles which
>had been rejected by peer-reviewed scientific journals on a web site that
>had the word "science" printed anywhere on it.   Journals must employ a
>peer-review process in order to assure themselves, their readers, and
>possibly more importantly, the NON-scientific community ie. the media, etc.
>that what is published is as close to the truth as possible in light of
>today's knowledge.   Any scientist worth his buffer expects to have his
>works rejected or criticized.  This is probably the most important part of
>the scientific process!  


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