multiple sclerosis

John King johnkate at
Tue Oct 22 17:04:46 EST 1996

I recently posted in "" about a news program
that I was to watch today
concerning MS.  I saw it, and yes it was Cari Loder.  She has patented a
drug compilation which she believes helps the symptoms of MS - not cure
        It was ironic that she would not state the ingredients - though
it is now patented and therefore no drug company can "buy it out and put
it on the bottome shelf so that their drug is not outcompeted". 
        I have heard that the amino acid is phenylalanine, which is
found in soft drinks.  Soft drinks sometimes have a note saying do not
take is you have PKU - a disease where one cannot handle phenylalanine,
which becomes toxic to them. I have heard that the other drug is an
antideppresent. Imagine
patenting an amino acid and antidepressent.
        Here is how I think that it can work to reduce some of the
        Look at a nerve fiber as an electric wire.  Look at its
insulation material as myelin.  In MS the immune cells seem to attack
myelin, and thus wear away the insulation of the nerve fiber.  These
nerve fibers transmit information to other parts of the body like an
electric wire transmits electrical energy to other locatins.  As myelin
is broken down the nerve becomes leaky to material in the nerve involved
in transmitting information - like losing electrons from an electric
wire that loses some of its insulation.
        Because the nerve is leaky, messages will not always get sent to
its destination.  Likewise a ligth bulb may not get stimulated enough by
electricity if the wire insulation is damaged. 
        Lets say that you have a button that you have a light switch. 
You turn the swithch on and off quickly and the light goes on.  Now say
the wire going to the light is not well insulated.  Hypothetically, you
would turn on and off the light switch and may get no light response or
the light would be dimmer than ususal. Too much energy is leaking out of
the wires, so less reach the destination.
  Now say instead of turning the switch on and off really fast, you keep
the swich on.  Even the light lacking insulation may turn on because you
are increasing the frequency of stimmulation.  Though some energy is
leaking, there is probably a point where the amount to possibly leak out
of the nerve is at its maximum - so any additional energy going by will
be more likely to reach the light bulb.
        Nerves are stimulated to turn on and off.  The stimulus is a
chemical called neurotransmitters.  These are sort of like the light
switch. They can turn the nerve on and off, or keep the nerve switch on
for a longer amount of time.  If nerves are leaky, then turning the
nerve on and off really quick may not be enough for information to be
sent along the bodies "electric wire", nerves.  Before the nerve became
leaky the body probably produced just enough neurotransmitters to keep
the nerve switch on in order to convey information.  As the nerve
insulation wears away the body may not produce enough neurotransmitters
to keep the nerve
switch on.
        One of Cari Loders ingredients is an anti-depressent.  Many of
these work by keeping more neurotransmitters around for a longer amount
of time.  The effect of which is analogous to keeping the light switch
on for a longer amount of time. Which means the nerve switch is
stimulated for a longer amount of time, which may mean that it is more
likely for information to be passed along the nerves
        Another of Cari Loders ingredients seems to be an amino acid
which you can get at a health food store (ironic that she is trying to
patent it - ulterior motives?).  Phenylalanine in your brain can be
converted into neurotransmitters (eg. dopamine, noradrenaline, and
adrenaline).  This too may be responsible for the purpoted effects of
the ingredients which she is patenting.
        Nerves are the brains main way of controlling the body quickly. 
They influence motor coordination, muscle activity, thoughts, emotions,
heart rate, etc.  It seems logical to say that if the symptoms of MS are
due to nerves not being able toconvey their commands on other parts of
the body, then symptoms can improve if nerve information conduction is
It also seems logical that information conduction in nerves can be
decreased if the nerve is leaky to chemicals involved in conveying
information.  It also seems logical that if the above is true, then by
keeping the nerve impulse switch on for a longer amount of time, it is
more likely that the information in the nerves will reach its
destination and the SYMPTOMS of MS will be bettered.  
        If the above is true, then there will be other drugs to help in
the syptoms of MS.  After all, there are lots of nerves which do
different things and which have nerve switches that are activated by
different neurotransmitters.
        I can say this.  My friends dad has a non-progressive type of
MS.  His conditions have improved since taking deprenyl.  This drug also
keeps a neurotransmitter around for a longer amount of time.  The drug
is used
in Parkinsons disease and helps in motor coordination.  It is also a
type of antideppresent.
        Supposively my friends dad has also improved with DHEA.  In
males it converts to testosterone.  Increased testosterone levels is a
factor for prostate cancer.  
        I wish I had better news concerning the news program.  Yet,
regardless of her ulterioir motives, she may be on to a new form of drug

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