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Sat Oct 26 11:28:23 EST 1996

Hi all--

I have been asked to get a second opinion on these test results and the
questions included below. Please email me privately as well as posting
your replies. Thanks very much. 



Results of immunoglobulin tests:

Ig      Level   First standard deviation         Second standard deviation
                (mg per deciliter)               (mg per
IgG     2800            783/1365                  546/1765                

IgM     260             74/180                    42/250

IgA     400             123/270                   85/385

IgD     1.8             Normal (normal range 0-14)

IgE     564             4.54/84.8                 1.05/366.9

IgG and IgE for anti-chicken collagen antibodies is negative (nondetected)

We were told that this is really bad and dangerous and patient should stop
taking what she¹s taking to cause this. But she takes all kinds of things,
foods, herbs, supplements. Patient has had rheumatoid arthritis for a year
and has allergies to all kinds of foods and substances.

1. Is it more likely connected with her RA or her allergies?

2. How high are these levels and how dangerous are they?

3. What can it lead to? We were told it can lead to major immunological 
difficulties. Can it lead to diabetes? Antithyroidosis?

4. What can be done about it? Would allergy shots help? Fasting?


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