PhD studentship

Kiley R. Prilliman kprillim at
Sat Oct 26 17:03:11 EST 1996

I'm an immunology graduate student in the USA, and yes, the average here
is 5 years, but it is not unusual at all to see many students go for 6
years.  As for the 3 year PhD training in the UK, it has nothing to do
with the training being "lesser" than that administered here in the
states (I speak this opinion as based upon what I know from
foreign-trained colleagues, as well as foreign labs with which I have
contact).  Training in the UK is based upon an entirely different
approach, and it also follows closely from the rigorous knowledge
imparted during what can be compared with the USA's "undergraduate"
preparatory training.  In my opinion, if an individual with a U.S.
undergrad degree were to involve themselves in a UK PhD program, he or
she would find out in a hurry that they would need to have a lot of
catching up to do in order to be on par with their UK-trained
counterparts and to successfully complete the program.

Kiley R. Prilliman
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

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