Glucocorticoid Levels in Blood - Help!

Aleta Knowles a.knowles at
Mon Oct 28 02:30:33 EST 1996

Robert Passey wrote:
> I am currently studying the effect of glucocorticoids on expression of
> a murine cytokine gene.
> Can anybody out there either tell me (or indicate a good reference
> where I can find out) the normal and stressed physiological
> concentrations and the pharmacological concentrations of
> hydrocotisone, vitamin D3, and estradiol, and the pharmacological
> conc. of dexamethasone in either human or murine blood? Do I also need
> to factor in bioavailability?
> I would really appreciate help on this as it's right outside my field
> (molecular genetics) and I can't find any reliable texts.
> Many thanks,
> Robert Passey.

Hi Robert.  I think you may be able to find some hints from a text
called "PsychoImmunology" edited by Alan Husband - it is all about
neuroendocrine interaction with the immune system.  I know there is a
copy of it in Sydney Uni's medical library.  Good luck!
Aleta Knowles

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