Lawrence S. D. Anthony lanthony at STRESSGEN.COM
Mon Sep 9 15:51:17 EST 1996

Everyone seems to be right...Immunology Today is a very good read, and it
isn't expensive and has a student rate.  However, another good review
journal is Current Opinion in Immunology...This journal, published 6 times
per year, systematically covers the entire field with a series of review
articles each issue.  For example, one issue might be devoted to
transplantation immunology, and there would be multiple reviews on
different aspects.  The articles are interesting, and especially good for
their bibliographies, which are rated, eg as "must read", etc.  The down
side: this journal is probably quite expensive (althought there may be A
student rate).  So, the suggestion to spend the money at the Xerox machine
is a good one.

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