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Cindy Brunner brunncj at vetmed.auburn.edu
Mon Sep 9 13:01:01 EST 1996

In article <DxGJxH.92n at liverpool.ac.uk> mlds at liverpool.ac.uk (Mr M.L. Deschoolmeester) writes:
>From: mlds at liverpool.ac.uk (Mr M.L. Deschoolmeester)
>Jin-seon Im (jim at U.ARIZONA.EDU) wrote:
>: I'm studying immunology in the graduate school..
>: i want to subscribe one journal which is good for overview
>: and inexpensive  [snipped...]
>: does anybody have any idea which one is perfect ???

>Personally I would recommend Immunology Today (pub. by Elsevier and part 
>of the trends series).  
>Matthew DeSchoolmeester     |  Email: mlds at liv.ac.uk
>University of Liverpool

I concur with the suggestion that "Immunology Today" provides the best 
up-to-date overview that a student can buy (or check out of the library).  
Nothing, of course, is perfect.
Cindy Brunner
Auburn University, Alabama

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