******PEER REVIEW**************

Michael A. Fishman maf at t10.lanl.gov
Mon Sep 9 12:09:16 EST 1996

Daniela Orsini wrote:
> Hi all,
> How do you feel about double-blinded peer review (i.e. the reviewer
> does NOT know the author's identity and vice versa)? Do you
> think it would be difficult to avoid phrases like: "we previously
> describes ()..."
> Let me know!
> Daniela

I doubt if it is possible. To wit, peers can usually recognize
each other's style. Certainly from a whole paper (I've usually
have a pretty good idea who the reviewer is, by just reading the
review, don't you?)

...there are conflicts of interest between male and female in
courtship and mating. ... The outcome of this sexual conflict
is often more akin to exploitation by one sex of the other
than to mutual cooperation.
  Krebs & Davies _An Introduction to Behavioral Ecology_

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