david sherr dsherr at
Wed Sep 11 14:36:25 EST 1996

I am looking for an experienced technician/research assistant to help develop
a vaccine for multiple myeloma. The strategy will involve activating myeloma
cells and generating myeloma-specific T cell clones in vitro. Following
characterization of the clones and mechanisms of anti-tumor activity, either
the clones will be used in the clinic for adoptive immunotherapy or the
activated myeloma cells will be used as a vaccine. Expertise in cell culture,
T cell cloning, ELISA, proliferation and CTL assays is desired. A significant
level of independence is required. Work will be carried out at the Boston
University School of Medicine in collaboration with the Dana-Farber Cancer
Insititute. Salary is negotiable. Call Dr. Sherr at 617-638-6464 or e-mail dsherr at

David H. Sherr, Ph.D.
Professor of Environmental Health
Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Science

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