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>I wish to cite something I posted to several newsgroups. I wish 
>specifically to know how to cite:
>			bionet.immunology

I imagine it would depend on the journal.  You may want to check Paul
Hengen's column in one of the Trends in ... journals; Paul regularly cites
information he's received on bionet.methds-reagnts.

There is an accepted method for citing internet and Usenet posts for the
MLA style; a summary written by Janice R. Walker is on the web, of course,
at various places including 

The example she cites for Usenet communications is -

       York, Ian. "Re: Wonder Bread Psychosis." alt.folklore.urban. (18
       Oct 1995). 

-thus neatly preserving for posterity the definitive proof that I'm a
shiftless wastrel with too much time on his hands.  And I don't even get

Posted and mailed.

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