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Tue Sep 17 10:59:29 EST 1996

brett at BORCIM.WUSTL.EDU (brett) wrote:
>I don't know. This format gives the reference an air of authority which is
>undeserved. Since anyone can post (just about) anything to a newsgroup,
>mimicking the format of a peer-reviewed journal is somewhat pretentious.
>I know, journals differ in the stringency of the peer-review process, but let's
>not contribute to the problem by adopting this format. As far as I'm concerned,
>postings from newsgroups, while they should be referenced in some manner, rank
>no higher on the reliability scale than "personal communication" or "word-of-
>Brett Lindenbach

I have to agree with Brett.  I would recommend contacting the author of a 
Newsgroup post you want to cite, and asking fora journal reference.  If the 
work is unbublished, cite it as personal communication.


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