Hitzig withdraws support for fen/phen 333.90 insurance codi

jowin at ix.netcom.com jowin at ix.netcom.com
Tue Sep 17 19:57:34 EST 1996

     > > The codes you are talking about are made up by [Hitzig's]  
     > office staff
     > > and really relate to nothing but a number we made up for 
     > typing
     > > to be easier.  The paperwork behind the codes is what 
     > means something.

 David Green and Greg:

I understand there are efforts in the works to hold Hitzig accountable 
for far more than making up insurance codes--things like very ill 
people who are the result of his cavalier prescribing of phen/fen in 
very large dosages with next to no medical care of the people for 
whom he prescribed.  While I almost came under his treatment, a 
family member did.  Fortunately, she was smart enough to quit while 
she was ahead.  Greg, stay as clear of him as you can.  There are 
plenty of doctors who work with the p/f program and who do it with all 
the appropriate care we should expect from a physician.    


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