alveolar macrophages

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Thu Sep 19 10:12:46 EST 1996

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> Anyone know any methods to deplete alveolar macrophages that don't 
> involve silica?  I need a method that preferably does not interfere with 
> any other lung macrophage function, etc.
> Thanks.
> -Rachel

I suspect that any method that depletes alveolar macrophages is going to
have some spillover effects onother macrophages in the vicinity.  However,
the use of chloro-bisphosphonates contained in liposomes is a very
effective way to remove alveolar macs with minimal trauma and is also
relatively specific.

You can get the details on alveolar depletion by checking papers from the
early '90's by Georg Kraal, Eric Classen or Nico Van Rooijen - I'm afraid
I don't have the exact references to hand.

Cheers, Mark

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