Rast test interpretion

John Lo johnlo at bc.sympatico.ca
Fri Sep 20 00:05:28 EST 1996

Anyone out there able to interpret some rast test results for me? My
allergist wasn't much help so I thought I'd ask for opinions.

ALLERGEN                                      RESULT
Grass mix                                          >17.5      AU/ml
Cat epithelium                                       1.02    AU/ml
Mite mix                                                 2.06   AU/ml

My main concern was whether or not my newly aquired cat was
causing/worsening an illness I have had over 6 months. I have seen
many doctors, and everything has turned up negative except for my
allergies. The response was to get rid of the cat, but for most older
cats, that's a death sentence. Can someone tell me by looking at these
results if the cat can be considered a problem?

It appears to me the cat allergy is a moderate one compared to the
others. Is it possible that due to the cumulative effect of allergens,
the cat has made a dramatic difference?

BTW, the illness was a flu type virus that developed into
bronchitis/laryngitis and dizziness. The bronchitis lasted 3 months.
My voice was gone for 6 months. The dizziness still comes and goes.

Any thoughts  would be greatly appreciated .

PS ..I have already spent mucho dollars on Hepa air filters,
allerpet,etc.......just in case.

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