How to cite bionet.immunology

Ewing / Patricia Anne (SCI) u856921 at
Thu Sep 19 21:18:16 EST 1996

The University of Canberra advises students to cite items from newsgroups 

Author's last name, first name. (Date). Subject of message. [Online 
posting] USENET newsgroup and address (Date of access)

For example, this posting would be cited as:
Ewing, Tricia. (1996,19 September). How to cite bionet.immunology. 
[Online posting] USENET newsgroup bionet.immunology (20 September 1996)

The UC's "Library Guide on Citation Style for Internet Resources" also 
specifies how to cite various other items from the Net. Some other useful 
guides are available. Try:

Hope this helps.

Tricia Ewing
Faculty of Applied Science
University of Canberra

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