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The MSRS Catalog of Primary antibodies may help: 
Your lab can list any antibodies in the new upcoming MSRS print/CD-ROM/WWW
at no charge. Please request instructions.



 * 30,000+ Primary antibodies from all over the world
 * 15,000+ Monoclonals cross referenced to clone #/supplier
 * 4,000+ Biotechnology companies/supplier address index
 * 2,000 Pages of specific product listings

The Manufacturer's Specifications and Reference Synopsis (MSRS) Catalog
(MSRS #301, ISBN 0-9643268-3-3, 1995) is a reference source that lists
over 30,000 monoclonal and polyclonal primary antibodies. The new third
edition has nearly 2,000 pages devoted exclusively to listing commercially
available specific antibodies from all over the world. The reference
source is easy to use; each antibody entry is alphabetically arranged for
fast searching. The listing specifications include host, antigen, label,
clone number, isotype and unit size. Most listings also include a
substantial paragraph giving complete specifications and/or published
references. Each entry also provides the product number and suppliers'
name for immediate ordering.

For direct purchase or further information, over 4,000 worldwide
manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors' addresses, with toll free and
FAX numbers, are included in the appendix. An additional appendix
correlates 15,000 clone numbers with the specific antibody and supplier,
and is a quick and easy tool to identify unknown clone references. 

The MSRS allows the researcher, clinician, manufacturer, library,
purchasing, customer service and others the opportunity to compare and
have immediate access to thousands of antibodies and hundreds of antibody
catalogs through this single volume.

The MSRS is updated regularly by supplements and new editions. It will
contain specifications for virtually all established and NEW primary
antibodies commercially available worldwide along with an extensive list
of privately produced antibodies.

The MSRS is the largest printed resource for primary antibodies available
in the world!!!

Prices include shipping: US/Canada $98. AIR MAIL: Europe, Mid East, Africa
$116; Pacific Rim $125; Central-South America $112. 

Aerie Corporation, P.O. Box 1356, Birmingham, MI, 48012-1356 usa
FAX: (810) 642-6162.

IMPORTANT: Manufacturers and Individuals may list antibodies/probes FREE.
Please request details.


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