cytokines in serum

Joan Redd reddjo at
Mon Sep 23 16:33:35 EST 1996

I am beginning a project in which I wish to measure cytokines (IL-2) in human 
serum, if feasible.  I am new to this area and would appreciate some help on a 
few questions.

1.  How soon after the blood is drawn must it be processed?  Can it be stored 
in the refrigerator for any length of time, and if so, how long?

2.  Can the serum be frozen before it is assayed (ELISA) for the cytokines?

3.  What is the optimum procedure for obtaining the serum?  Are there any 
precautions that must be taken during clotting, etc.?

Thank you for your assistance.

Joan Redd
reddjo at

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