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> 1.  How soon after the blood is drawn must it be processed?  Can it be stored 
> in the refrigerator for any length of time, and if so, how long?

Should be centrifuged and frozen ASAP, preferably within an hour.  Can be
stored pretty much indefinitely at -70.

> 2.  Can the serum be frozen before it is assayed (ELISA) for the cytokines?

Yes, but avoid repeated freeze/thaws so store in small aliquots if possible
to allow reassay.

> 3.  What is the optimum procedure for obtaining the serum?  Are there any 
> precautions that must be taken during clotting, etc.?

I generally use a needle and some sort of enclosed tube...  8^}  No special
precautions aside from sterility of course.  Clotted blood is best.

Be aware that many cytokines are unstable eg TNF-a degrades very rapidly
unless serum is frozen fast.  Also, serum often contains inhibitory factors
so you should do dilutions eg 1:5, 1:10 to see if comparable results are
obtained.  If your calculated value at a 1:10 dilution is greater that that
seen neat or at lower dilutions, you have diluted out an inhibitory factor.
In practice it seems this almost always does happen.

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