Steroids and the effect on the human mind

Mike Hoorens mhoorens at
Sat Sep 28 18:50:13 EST 1996

Hi there.

Urgently needing any information on side-effects resulting from the long-term 
use of prescribed steroids.
In particular, Prednisone & Hydrocortisone and especially the symptoms of 

More information is available on request.

A friend has asked me to post the above in the hope of getting some 
information, positive OR negative.  Her father is affected by a rare disease 
for which these drugs are the only answer to ward of common diseases.
Please reply by email and I will pass on any information.

There is some urgency in this, hence I did not take the time to see if this 
message is in the appropriate newsgroups, my apologies if it is not.
Thanks very much for your help, Mike.

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