need immune system help

Taylor Kingsley shaman at
Sun Sep 29 20:07:21 EST 1996

Hello! I am posting to your newsgroup in the hopes that someone can help
me. I am a 31-year-old female who has a depleted immune system - I've had
bronchitis 10 times in 12 months (I'm not exaggerating!). Blood tests
reveal no abnormalities except a very high IgE.  I do have chronic
allergies that are managed with Seldane. I had sarcoidosis in my left lung
5 years ago which has resolved after acupuncture and Chinese medicine
(herbs). My MD believes I have chronic bronchitis and just keeps putting
me on different antibiotics... which work for a few weeks or months then I
get sick again. 

I am an elementary-school teacher (grade 4) and my career is in jeopardy
because ofall this illness. I take extremely good care of myself: eat well
(no drinking, smoking, eat very little sugar, no meat except fish and
eggs, do eat dairy), take vitamins including multi and 2grams of C,
Acidophyllus (prevents yeast infections), Lysine (prevents herpes
outbreaks), Spirulina for iron, vit. E 400 iu... get 8-9 hours of sleepa
night and am constantly run down and tired. 

I have dry patches of skin and terrible dandruff, itchy eyes and throat.


can youhelp? or can you refer me to anybody? I am running out of options.
I am already taking antibiotics, see an acupuncturist (which increases my
energy tremendously for a few days) and chiropractor (which helps a lot
with disk and neck problems), also had a history or carpal tunnel
syndrome, both wrists operated on.

thank you in advance for any help. If these types of requests are not
welcome on your newsgroup, please accept my apology and refer me to where
they are. Thanks!-T. Kingsley

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