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Mon Sep 30 19:24:49 EST 1996

I'm not sure if this is the proper place to ask, from reading a few 
messages I'm guessing not; but I'll attempt it anyways.

I'm a highschool student who is a fanatic over science. I've been 
passionately in love with science ever since I watched my first episode 
of Nova (sometime around age 4), and ever since my dream in life has to 
become a scientist.. As I'm about to enter my first year of University 
starting 97/98, I want to start doing some research on what aspect of 
science I would like to go into; hence I am here. I am interested in many 
aspects of science; One of the areas that interests me the most deals 
with microorganisms, infections, dieases, viruses, bacteria, and the way 
in which our bodies fight off those afflictions either on their own, or 
with the assistance of drugs, hormones, and possibly in the future, Gene 
therapies. Any information that anyone could provide me regarding what 
Immunology, Microbiology, Virology, and Toxicology deal with as far as 
research is concerned would be greatly apperciated. This is a big 
decision for me, because I love so many sciences I want to make the best 
decision for me, so I need to find out all the info I can.

Thank you very much,

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