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Wed Apr 2 22:54:55 EST 1997

Dear netters,

I am in the process of investigating alloimmune responses to selected
polymorphic regions of the murine class I MHC molecules.  In particular, I
am looking at the role played by the 61-69 peptide
(Glu-Arg-Glu-Thr-Gln-Lys-Ala-Lys-Gly) in the first domain of the H-2Kb
molecule [Sing,B., Waters, C.A., and Swanlund, D. (1986), J. Immunol.,
137:2311-2318].  I am looking for specific antibodies to this peptide.  In
the above paper the autors describe 3 suitable antibodies but, as the paper
is quite old, I have not been succesful in locating an appropriate source
for these antibodies.  The antibodies are : B8-3-24 (monoclonal); Y-25
(monoclonal); and PL519 (polyclonal).
I would appreciate any information about the above antibodies or other
suitable antibodies available either commercially or in the scientific
community which are specific for the 61-69 H-2Kb epitope.  Such antibodies
should react only with this peptide of the H-2Kb molecule and not with
other class I MHC molecules of mouse.
However, in the case these peptide-specific antibodies were unavailable,
polyclonal antibodies raised against the whole H-2Kb molecule would also be
useful in several aspects of our work.
Thank you

Paolo Sabelli


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