Allergy causes

Jim Koch "jkoch at jkoch" at
Wed Apr 9 10:18:58 EST 1997

Dave and Kathy Aurigemma wrote:
> One theory I have encountered is the improved efficency of modern
> building techniques.  As homes and offices become more energy efficient,
> the are also more air tight.  No longer do we open the window when it
> gets hot or close it when it gets cold.  By relying on automated air
> cooling and heating systems, we have greatly reduced the flow of fresh
> air.  In turn, dust builds up and allergens have no where to go once
> they enter an automated system on clothing or through entry ways.
the flip side of this may be true, that is, most people are indoors
more, and not being de-sensitized to the allergens, and thus will more
likely be affected.  The other reason may be that until recently, many
doctors would not acknowledge that allergies exist, that you are just a
sickly child..etc..

just my .02

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