DHEA and AIDS: further support from 1997

StarStar someone at somewhere.us
Sun Apr 13 08:14:12 EST 1997

James Howard wrote:
> I just found the following citation which supports my theory of
> reduced DHEA and AIDS (http://www.naples.net/~nfn03605).
> James Howard
> Khorram O, et al., "Activation of immune function by
> dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) in age-advanced men," J Gerontol A Biol
> Sci Med Sci 52 (1): M1-M7 (1997)
> Administration of oral DHEA at a daily dose of 50 mg to age-advanced
> men with low serum DHEAS levels significantly activated immune
> function. The mechanism(s) to account for the immunoenhancing
> properties of DHEA are unclear. Consideration is given to the
> potential role of an increase in bioavailable IGF-I, which by virtue
> of its mitogenic effects on immune cell function, may mediate the DHEA
> effects. While extended studies are required, our findings suggest
> potential therapeutic benefits of DHEA in immunodeficient states."

I've never heard what your theory is.  Would you mind reposting it?

As for people out there reading this who have AIDS, PLEASE consult a
physician before using something like DHEA.  I know with echinacea,
another immune system booster, it is NOT recommended that people who
have any sort of autoimmune disorder take echinacea.  If its your own
immune system that's making you ill, the boosting your immune system can
have very BAD effects.

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