help with 'how the cells of the immune system are activated'

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Mon Apr 14 20:36:19 EST 1997

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Christian Jensen <Christian.Jensen at> wrote:
>Hello my name is Rach and I'm doing Biology (Bsc) at Portsmouth University
>I need a little help with this essay title:
>      "how the cells of the immune system are activated"
>If anybody can help please send me some info to.
>Christian.Jensen at
>A basic outline would be great!!!!

The essay topic you've taken on is very broad and the basics of immune
responses can be found in any contemporary immunology textbook. If you
find those to be too advanced for you, then start with a general cell 
biology or physiology textbook with a chapter on the immune system. Once
you've grasped the basics, then consult your med school or biological
sciences librarian for help on learning how to do literature database 
searches, which will allow you to find more recent and detailed
information on the subtopics you choose to elaborate on.

While I realize that, as an undergraduate, you may not have a lot of 
experience seeking out specialized information. However, you are 
smart enough to major in a science and to learn how to use an
email account; therefore, I think it's safe to assume that you are
more than capable of doing your assignment on your own. Again, the
topic you are writing an essay on is so broad that the information you
need to come up with an outline is easy to access. It is unreasonable 
for you to expect others to do that for you. 

Good luck.


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