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Dr. David Moss david.moss at ifia.fzk.de
Tue Apr 15 07:16:44 EST 1997

j.sternberg <nhi336 at sysc.abdn.ac.uk> schrieb im Beitrag
<5iqm1d$o1s at info.abdn.ac.uk>...
> Dear Immunologists
> I urgently need to find out an address for the manufacturers of
> readers SLT GmBH, or even better, their agents for the UK (The reason is
> we need to supply a new filter to a collaborating lab)
> Please e-mail: j.sternberg at abdn.ac.uk
> Thanks
> Jerry

According to the German telephone book, the address is:
SLT Labinstruments (Deutschland) GmbH
Theodor-Storm-Str. 17
74564 Crailsheim
Tel: +49-7951-94170

About time the world's telephone books got onto the internet!

David Moss

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