Complement 4b null allele & ivIg (?)

Teresa Binstock binstoct at
Wed Apr 23 21:45:27 EST 1997

I am merely a liaison who will forward appropriate responses to people
(several MDs and a researcher) who are primary participants in treating a
very special patient.

Patient is a young male who has been on Vancomycin for several months.
Yes, everyone is well aware of articles about Vanco-resistant bacteria. 
The patient has a null allele of complement 4b, a fact that thereby shapes
many of his immune responses -- eg, to enterococci.

Two questions:

1. Is there any way that a pharmaceutical therapy (eg, ivIg) can be
designed so as to generate immune responses that, at least to some extent,
would compensate for effects of a C4b null allele?

2. Who are the primary researchers who work with clinical physicians
and who would be aware of possible therapeutic interactions between 
low levels of complement 4b and countermeasures via ivIg (or whatever)?


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