Attachment question (New)

Ron Gitaitis path4 at
Mon Apr 28 09:26:49 EST 1997

I recently posted a question regarding the effect of centrifugation on
antibody attachment to whole cell bacteria.  I appreciate the responses
I received.  But I guess what I was thinking of and what I asked were
two different things.   What I really would like to know is the
following.  If we attached antibodies to polystyrene beads and then
incubated the attached antibodies to whole cell bacteria would the
entire complex sediment together in a density-gradient centrifugation in
percoll or ludox? Or would the forces of 20,000 g's cause the bacteria- 
antibodies to break off from the beads and sediment at their own buoyant
density?  The beads are significantly more dense then the bacteria. Any
thoughts on this would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Ron Gitaitis   (path4 at
Department of Plant Pathology
University of Georgia

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