The unique method of treatment !!!

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Thu Aug 7 08:21:21 EST 1997

 To attention of the genuine professionals who are capable
 to understand and to estimate the genuine values !!!

 I search for the partners and investors for creation of small private
 clinic,  in which the unique method of treatment will be used.

 The basis of the given method is a physical influence
 on the patient's blood.

 An intensive neutrino radiation  (the result of the controlled
 proton decay)  is an instrument of the influence on blood.

 The given method of treatment is checked at the leading
 laboratories of the former Soviet Union and under the treatment
 of AIDS-patients has given an unique results of immunostimulation
 (in vivo and in vitro).

 I garantee the unique results of treatment of immunodeficiencies
 (AIDS, cancer, etc.)  with use of the given method.

 The given method can also successfully be used
 for the real rejuvenation.

 Contact address:  interhomeless at rocketmail.com

 Valery Kotul.

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