Trypsin in tissue sections

Dr. Manuel Saenz Terrrazas jmsaenz at uachih.uach.mx
Thu Aug 7 18:59:09 EST 1997

I am performing TUNEL assays in liver paraffin-embedded tissue sections.

One step specified by the manufacturer of my commercial kit involves the 
incubation of the slide in proteinase K (20 ug/ml in 10 mM Tris/HCl, pH 
7.4/8.0 for 15-30 min at 37 C). Just today i found my self without any 
amount of proteinse K. The manual proposes using trypsin instead of pK but 
it does not mention the working concentration.

Does anybody knows the working concentration of trypsin to release DNA from 
histones without damaging the rest of the tissue in order to obtain a 
acceptable microphotographs?

I would like to use this microphotographs in the final paper of my work.

Thanks in advance:

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School of Chemistry
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